Inova Flashlights

Information about Inova

Inova is a light manufacturer that is now part of Nite Ize Company.  The Inova brand, Emissive Energy Corp, had a passion for semi-conductor development and light emitting diodes, and that passion was rewarded with over 135 patents.  This base of patents and technology development made them a great acquisition for Nite Ize.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Nite Ize story, it’s the classic American success story.  On a fishing trip, back in 1989, after losing a flashlight to the water, Rick Case had the idea of the Headband Mini Flashlight Holder.  From that one idea Rick has lead the way with Nite Ize as a company that develops innovative lights, accessories, and devices.

With the Inova brand, Nite Ize has continued to develop a line of flashlights that can be put to the test in a variety of situations.  Embracing the aspect of usability in a variety of situations you will find the Inova line up gives you the opportunity to use their lights on your bike to even tactical uses.

At Survival Edge Lights we are proud to carry high performance Inova flashlights.  We have found their series of rechargeable lights to meet the demanding needs of our customers.  This includes models such as the T3R and T4R which provide shockproof and crushproof construction along with the ease of recharging via USB.

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