Nitecore Flashlights

Nitecore, parent company SYSMAX, has been creating innovative flashlights and equipment since their inception in 2004.   From humble beginnings of their small LR7 model they have expanded their product line and offerings over the years to be in the conversation as one of the top LED flashlight makers in the world.

As Nitecore has released new lights, they have been able to create a uniqueness to each model and series that meets the demands of even the toughest of customers.  They have embraced the aspect of creating lights for camping, every day carry, search lights, and tactical uses.  With each new light they have looked to create innovation that improves usability.  Consider some of the following examples of their innovations they have patented:

  • Patented Spring-Loaded Absorption Mechanism with Reverse Polarity Protection – When you are using your light, the reality is that you may drop it.  To protect the advanced circuitry that powers their lights Nitecore created a mechanism that absorbs shock and helps keep the circuitry intact.  This innovation can be found on popular models such as the SRT6 and SRT7.
  • Patented Side Switch Power Indicator Light – This patented innovation displays the amount of battery life available.  No guessing involved, you can visually see the remaining battery power to allow you to easily swap for a new battery or recharge your existing 18650 Li-ion battery.  An innovation such as this can be found on a model  that is part of their Precise series such as their P16

These are just a selection of the innovations that Nitecore has released.  Pioneering the way with elements such as on-board USB charging, integrated A/C adapters for easy recharging, unique 2 button style user interfaces and much more, it’s no wonder people continue to enjoy using their LED flashlights.

At Survival Edge Lights we are happy to carry an extensive line up of Nitecore LED flashlights and products.  We test each item we carry and when you purchase one we hope to hear not only your feedback, but about the adventures you were able to enjoy with your new light.

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