Olight Flashlights

Olight can be considered a newer company entering the competitive LED flashlight market with their start in 2006 but don’t let age fool you.  Olight has quickly established itself as a manufacturer of high quality illumination tools.  As any manufacturer knows in order to get consumers to love you, it is necessary to development equipment that is not only high quality but offers something that is unique.  Olight doesn’t disappoint when it comes to creating unique products.  They created a number of features that they have integrated throughout different models to give you the option to enjoy a great light and some bragging rights.  A few of the features that make these torches stand out include:

  • Moonlight Mode – Want just a little bit of light?  With the moonlight mode, integrated on much of the S series of lights, you can quickly get access to just .5 lumens of output for those moments where you need just a small amount of light to find essentials.
  • Lockout Mode – Prevent accidentally turning your light on with this feature.  This feature locks the buttons allowing you to place it in your pack or pocket and avoid worrying if your light is burning up your battery.

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